About Us

CityWay was launched by the Way World Outreach as part of its vision to promote and support community and economic development in inner cities throughout the world. Our board is comprised of community leaders in business, education, non-profit, and government. Cityway’s focus is to serve struggling communities and neighborhoods by offering education and services in business, employment & career development, community resources, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Its founders have decades of experience transforming lives and communities through their direct investment in people. They are committed to taking collective action to generate solutions to a common problem in most inner cities of the world: poverty.



Our communities around the world are united, inspired and experiencing an overflowing life through employment, education, community, business and economic development while utilizing available resources and talents.


We are a united group of people who love people and desire to see our community prosper. We connect with our residents, businesses and community leaders, to listen and work together towards meeting our identified goals. We invite all that share our values and vision to join us in creating the community we all desire to be a part of.


We know and believe that no matter what has taken place in our past, each of us has the choice to change direction in our lives and work towards building a better life for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Core Values

All People will be valued and loved

All people will be treated with kindness and respect

Our words and actions will only be used to build and uplift people

Our similarities are much stronger than our differences

We work and serve with the goal of excellence

We never lower the bar , we help people reach the bar

We will communicate the truth in love with the goal of bettering people and building stronger relationships